Vegan Dipping Sauce

Also known as ‘Nuoc Cham Chay’ in Vietnamese, it has a combination of zesty, sweet, tangy and savoury flavours! This is our VEGAN version!


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It is the Vegan version of ‘Nuoc Cham’ Vietnamese Dipping Sauce, this is the quintessential sauce for many vegetarian dishes. It is made of a concoction of flavours satisfying all sweet, savoury and sour taste buds equally. PoppySmack’s version provides a unique blend of fresh garlic, chilli, herbs and zesty citrus rind. It’s sure to add zing to a garden salad and it’s Vegan!

This sauce is best served with:

  • Tofu and Vegetable Stir-fry
  • Buddha bowl
  • Spring Rolls
  • Rice Paper Rolls
  • Salad Dressing

Additional information

Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 20 cm



Soya Sauce,
Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice,
Apple Cider Vinegar,
Himalayan Pink Salt,
Fresh Lemon & Lime Zest,
Fresh Chilli,
Vegetable Gum,
Olive Oil,
Chilli Flakes,
Chilli Powder,

Dietary Information:

√ Dairy Free
√ Egg Free
√ Gluten Free
√ Vegan

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