Our PoppySmack Story

As a family business run by sisters Hanh and Tran, when we share our sauces, we are sharing our love, our stories and our culture with you.

The sharing of our food, recipes and cooking techniques is our family’s way of expressing our love and care. As our business grows and evolves, this care remains at the core of what we do.  We believe that food is not only for sustenance and satisfaction but an enjoyable way to get together and welcome new cultures into our family. 

In our younger years, after we had migrated to Australia as refugees, our parents would whole-heartedly welcome our friends from all backgrounds into our homes and offer them food. Always, it was through food that we connected, show our generosity and simply, be together.  Of course, my dad always got a laugh out of our friends’ reactions if he offered something unusual.  We grew up in one of the most multicultural suburbs in Melbourne and our friends’ parents, like ours, had travelled from all over the world to seek a better life in Australia.

Now, as busy working mums, we are always coming up with new ways to make tasty and healthy meals for our large and extended family.  It all started with the Vietnamese Dipping sauce. Since then our business has evolved into a range of sauces using the freshest ingredients available and inventing new ways to save time. For us, it made sense to make large batches of our sauces, bottle and store them, ready to create or enhance a meal with a simple twist of a lid. We are always looking at new ways to innovate without compromising on health and taste. That is why we don’t add colouring, preservatives or additives.

Whilst many of our products recipes have Vietnamese origins, we have now blended Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian and modern Australian influences.  Weaving various tastes and cultures, we have since learnt the art of balance. And it is this delicate balance of herbs, spices, fragrance, heat and flavour that makes our sauces unique and irresistible.

Our product range has grown to include a vegan range, gluten free range, cook-together classes as well as meal kits so you can continue to enjoy wonderful flavours in little time.

They are made as we enjoy them at home, and we look forward to seeing you enjoy them at yours. With full hearts, we thank you for sharing the flavours of Poppysmack with your loved ones.

This photo of us sisters taken at the photo studio shortly before leaving our beloved country

This photo speaks of three generations interwoven together

A rare photo capturing a glimpse of our humble and happy past.