3 Rice Paper Roll Kits & Rice Paper DIPPER

Get all your favourite sauces and rice paper roll kits! This pack comes with a rice paper dipper to make it even easier!


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Make healthy, delicious and gluten-free rice paper rolls in under 15 minutes with our Rice Paper Roll kits. Get all three kits with the rice paper DIPPER to make it easier for you to prepare a variety of yummy rolls! Times 3 flavours means times 3 fun and yum for your tummy!

Our kits are a healthy convenient option for lunch at work or school and for when unexpected visitors drop by.

Included in each kit to save you time running about town:

  • Includes 12 rice paper sheets and 12 perfectly sized woven rice noodles
  • Salty Sweet Satay Sauce/Tangy Tamarind sauce/Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
  • Recipe ideas and step by step instructions

Simply add your choice of protein (we suggest tofu, fish, prawns, chicken or beef) and salad (we suggest lettuce, herbs, carrots and cucumber).

Watch our easy Rio Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls) video for some inspiration!

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